ecosystem-and-population-dynamics-1-728The ecosystem dynamics and management investigations group

The ecosystems dynamics and management investigations group (ECODIGM) works collaboratively with other units in the Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries. ECODIGM also collaborates with researchers in a number of B.C.-based, and other Canadian research and management organizations, internationally-based NGOs and regional fisheries management organizations. It takes a leading role in the development of new decision-support software tools and statistical analyses of large fisheries and fisheries ecosystem data sets.

It focuses on the development of new, innovative population dynamics modeling approaches, stock assessment modeling methods, management strategy evaluation applications, and fisheries management optimization tools. It specializes in developing new integrative fisheries modeling tools that account for predator-prey interactions and also the spatial and seasonal dynamics of fishing fleets and migrations of fish stocks. In addition to developing advanced data analysis and decision support tools, the research program includes initiating new field sampling programs to fill important gaps in datasets, e.g., in regards to the diets of key predators in fisheries ecosystems and seasonal movements and survival rates of different fish life history stages.