Welcome to ECODIGM!

Ecosystem Dynamics and Management Investigations Group


ECODIGM develops and applies modeling tools to

  • Improve understanding of the dynamics of fish populations, fisheries and fisheries ecosystems
  • Evaluate the potential consequences of different management approaches

Modeling tools developed include

  • Management Strategy Evaluation Software for finfish and crustacean fisheries
  • Data limited fisheries evaluation software
  • Bayesian stock assessment software
  • Decision network software for fisheries management evaluation
  • Large lakes fisheries ecosystem dynamics software


Recent publications

Bertram, D.F., Drever, M.C., McAllister, M.K., Schroeder, B.K., Lindsay, D., & Faust, D. 2015. Estimation of Coast-wide Population Trends of Marbled Murrelets in Canada Using a Bayesian Hierarchical Model. PLOS One. 10(8) 13 p.

Carruthers, T.,R., Punt, A.E., Walters, C.J., MacCall, A., McAllister, M.K., Dick, E.J., Cope, J., 2015. Evaluating methods for setting catch limits in data-limited fisheries. Fisheries Research. 153: 148-168.

Kurota, H., McAllister, M.K., Parkinson, E.A., Johnston, N. T. 2016. Evaluating the influence of predator-prey interactions on stock assessment and management reference points for a large lake ecosystem. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 73: 1373-1388.

Varkey, D., McAllister, M.K., Askey, P., Parkinson, E., Clarke, A., Godin. T., 2016. Multi-criteria decision analytic approach using Bayesian decision network (Stock-optim) for recreational trout fisheries in British Columbia, Canada. North American Journal of Fisheries Management . Accepted August 2016.